Why hiring a professional gardener is the best decision for you and your garden

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Is your garden looking rather sad? Are your hedges over grown, shrubs unruly and no sign of those healthy spring blooms? Perhaps it’s time to contact a professional gardener. By having a horticulturalist complete an analysis on your garden, they can find out what’s going wrong and how to fix it. Here’s a few reasons why hiring a professional gardener is the best decision for you and your garden.

Your time is not wasted

Gardening may be a hobby for some and profession for others, but for a lot of people, gardening is time-consuming, stressful and generally unenjoyable. Gardening itself is not a waste of time, however finding the time to do it can be a challenge if you’re very time-poor. What does waste your time is you gardening if you have no interest in it, especially when there is an easy alternative.

There is a whole industry dedicated to the knowledge and skills involved in gardening, which takes time and dedication to learn. Whether you work full-time in an office or at home, it can be hard to find the time to get out into your garden to complete those regular maintenance tasks. Even if you can find the time, often it can be hard to know where to start or what to do to keep your garden looking great.

Don’t waste your precious free time – contact a professional gardener who can get the job done right.

Your garden doesn’t accidentally get killed

Have you ever decided to complete some garden maintenance yourself, only to realise that your garden looks sad, sick or a general mess afterward? It may take a week or two, but if you have done something wrong in your garden, it will eventually show up. Perhaps you thought throwing the fertiliser you found in the shed everywhere in the garden might do the trick? Or maybe you thought it was time prune all your plants back? With any luck your garden is robust enough that even if you have a few gardening mistakes, hopefully it will survive.

We have many clients that have given gardening a go themselves, only to realise that they have killed off half their plants accidentally.

The best way to make sure your gardening doesn’t damage your garden is to do your research, and learn what is best for your garden.

It’s also important to remember that every garden is different. You can’t just ‘wing it’. If becoming a gardening buff doesn’t sound like your thing, it might be time to contact a professional gardener. In fact, diagnosing and treating plants that are not performing perfectly is a specialty of our gardeners at Premium Gekko Gardening.

You won’t waste money buying expensive tools and equipment

When it comes to gardening, great tools can really make a difference. However, great tools do come at a steep price. If you aren’t committed to maintaining your garden yourself, you’re better off not wasting money investing in expensive garden tools. A professional gardener will come with all the tools needed to complete your job effectively.

You get a beautiful garden

Do you wish to look out into your garden and think “wow, that’s lovely!”?

By hiring a professional gardener with experience and a great reputation, you are giving yourself the best chance possible to have a truly beautiful garden.

At Premium Gekko Gardening, our clients have told us that since getting regular garden maintenance, their family spends much more time in the garden. If you have a backyard, why not enjoy it by having it well maintained by a professional?

You no longer have any garden related-stress

Living in Australia means that when our gardens are overgrown, it becomes a serious matter, especially in the warmer months. We are of course referring to snakes. Snakes just love overgrown gardens and long lawns. If you have pets or children, to help keep them safer it really is best to hire a professional gardener to regularly trim back your plants and mow your lawn. At Premium Gekko Gardening, our expert gardeners wear full protective clothing when maintaining gardens and doing big clear ups.

For safety, you should always have closed in shoes, preferably boots or runners and long pants when you are clearing out your own garden.

Protective clothing can give you better protection from snakes and other creepy-crawlies, and you should always work with due caution. Protective clothing also offers sun protection – a hat, long sleeved shirt, sunscreen, and sunglasses is optimal. But to avoid all this garden related-stress, contact a professional gardener.

Let us help

Premium Gekko Gardening offer regular scheduled residential maintenance programs that completely manage your gardens through all seasons in Brisbane. Our services are personalised to suit your garden and lifestyle. We can get your sad looking garden happy in no time, and keep it that way! For an obligation-free garden analysis and quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Robyn provides THE highest level of customer service with an authenticity you rarely find. The service is very cost- effective; the team goes beyond any of our expectations; and they always find a workable solution to small and bigger gardening problems. (2016 – present)

Premium Gekko Gardening provides a level of exceptional service you often expect but rarely get. Robyn & her team provide a reliable, value for money & comprehensive service. We would highly recommend them. (2011 – present)

Gekko Gardening helped me with the gardening jobs I don’t have time, equipment or expertise to do. While it is a routine maintenance if I have a special request they go out of their way to accommodate. The team is friendly and efficient. I highly recommend them. (2013 – present)

I am always delighted  to come home to my manicured garden each month. I am always impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail. I love hearing the comments i get from my visitors how beautiful my garden is. Thank you Gekko gardening team!  (2011 – present)

We can vouch for Robyn Snow and her team at Premium Gekko Gardening for friendly, cost effective and on-time service. We have a semi-formal garden with lots of clipped hedges which need a special care to maintain in tip-top condition. We can always rely on the Gekko Team to keep our yard looking immaculate. (2012 -Present)

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