The lawn is a garden’s foundation and we cut it just right!

We look after all types of lawn surfaces, from the simple backyard lawn to acreage mowing, industrial sites and commercial premises in most areas around Brisbane.

Robyn and her team are trained lawn technicians that specialise in making their clients lawn and turf areas look their best all-year round.


Hand Mowing & (Ride-on with or without a catcher available)

The correct height of cut for your lawn, quality of cut and the correct edging techniques all play a part in achieving success in a beautifully presented and maintained lawn. We have a list of scheduled maintenance options or one-off cuts can be arranged.


Whether it’s returfing a whole lawn or patching of damaged existing lawns, Premium Gekko Gardening has the knowledge and experience in turf installation and providing after care services for your newly laid turf.


Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus. All essential elements required for turf growth. Choose a specific fertiliser program designed specifically for your lawn.


How much? How often? How deep? How to apply? All these questions are answered by the team at Premium Gekko Gardening.

 Turf Aeration

Aeration is especially recommended for lawns that are struggling to grow, assisting to relieve compaction, improving drainage and allowing your lawn to ‘breath’ more.


This is the process of applying a fine layer of soil to the surface of your lawn. Top-dressing levels out your lawn by filling in the small holes and smooths out the lumps and bumps. Another key benefit of top-dressing just before the growing season is the increase of a lush, green colour to your lawn!

 Pest/Disease/Weed Control Programs

Identification and up to date control methods. Safe chemical applications can be organised to control pests, diseases and weeds. These applications cause no harm to your children, pets or family. They are environmentally safe too.

 Consulting and advice

Premium Gekko Gardening specialises in lawn care consultations. Our services include turf & weed identification, pest & disease identification, soil recommendations and amendments, soil PH testing.

Robyn provides THE highest level of customer service with an authenticity you rarely find. The service is very cost- effective; the team goes beyond any of our expectations; and they always find a workable solution to small and bigger gardening problems. (2016 – present)

Premium Gekko Gardening provides a level of exceptional service you often expect but rarely get. Robyn & her team provide a reliable, value for money & comprehensive service. We would highly recommend them. (2011 – present)

Gekko Gardening helped me with the gardening jobs I don’t have time, equipment or expertise to do. While it is a routine maintenance if I have a special request they go out of their way to accommodate. The team is friendly and efficient. I highly recommend them. (2013 – present)

I am always delighted  to come home to my manicured garden each month. I am always impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail. I love hearing the comments i get from my visitors how beautiful my garden is. Thank you Gekko gardening team!  (2011 – present)

We can vouch for Robyn Snow and her team at Premium Gekko Gardening for friendly, cost effective and on-time service. We have a semi-formal garden with lots of clipped hedges which need a special care to maintain in tip-top condition. We can always rely on the Gekko Team to keep our yard looking immaculate. (2012 -Present)

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